The Firm


Michalis Dimitrakopoulos founded his law office in 1987, continuing a long family legal legacy since 1941, when his father, Anastasios Dimitrakopoulos, was first registered in the Athens Bar Association. In 2007 the law office changed its legal form and was evolved into the law firm “MICHALIS A. DIMITRAKOPOULOS LAW FIRM”, which continues to expand nowadays.

The above structural transformation was deemed essential in the astonishingly changing financial and social environment in Greece, as in this way the lawyers and experts comprising the task forces of our firm were able to offer to domestic as well as to international clients, to individuals as well as to companies and groups of legal entities, highly sophisticated tailor made first class legal services of any kind for any need.

Except from its founder, Michalis A. Dimitrakopoulos, our law firm is well structured and organized, already consisting of more than thirty partners as well as permanent senior and junior associates and external legal consultants, who are all supported by trainee lawyers and administrative staff. All our people are highly experienced, distinguished for their professionalism and discretion, offering reliable services in both litigation and consulting. Whenever necessary they cooperate with highly acknowledged specialists in their field of expertise, such as economists, chartered accountants, engineers or doctors  in order to provide complete legal solutions. In addition to the above, we we are in constant cooperation with highly reputable law firms all over Greece and worldwide to cover all our clients’ needs on the spot as soon as possible in every situation.

In this way we are confident to be able to cover all areas of legal expertise, and as an indication only, not limiting the generality of the above, in penal, commercial, corporate, companies, real estate, administrative, labor, civil, family, entertainment, energy, media law.

Our main offices are situated in Athens, 85, Ragavi Street, in a newly build state of the art seven-floor building of offices, right next to  the buildings of the Greek Supreme Court the Athens Court of Appeal, as well as the Court of First Instance, County Court and the Administrative Courts, right “in the heart” of the Greek justice system. Our offices’ excellent technical and material infrastructure contributes to the provision of high quality services.

May we also state that in these financially severe and unpleasant situation of a devastating world economic crisis, we shall always bear in our minds the difficulties we all face when estimating our reasonable and fair professional fees.

Last, but certainly not least, we hereby, as a leading Greek law firm, as well as each of us as a professional, would like to commit ourselves to each and every client or prospective client, that we will always and in any circumstances be honest in telling you the truth, however unsatisfactory as it may be, in keeping the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality and in using our best endeavors to solve your legal problems, to protect your rights and interests, and, finally, to bring safety, prosperity and success to your homes and businesses.

Our law firm consistent to current economic conditions provide the possibility of payment through POS.