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Our People

Our People

 The firm consists of qualified and skillful lawyers, administrative staff and trainees, in order to offer legal services of the highest quality.To get in contact with any of our firm’s members, send us an e-mail or call us on the phone.

The firm was founded by MichalisDimitrakopoulos and comprises of Partners:

  • Diana Anastasiadou
  • Vaggelis Chatzis
  • Anna Retsou
  • Penelope Mourtzoukou
  • Marialena Papachristou
  • Alexandros Spiridonos
  • Marina Mantzana
  • Yannis Lampropoulos
  • Panagiotis Ganiatsos
  • Alexandros Manolaros
  • Kyriaki Makri
  • Giannis Paparisteidis
  • Panagiotis Karkoulas
  • Vasilis Tetokas